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Now proud members of Genuine Jersey for all our images & poetry

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Jersey Delights Photography for unusual photographs taken around the lovely island of Jersey Marilyn and Michael photographers, founders of Jersey Delights Photography and Meadow Maidens Other Products Jersey's beautiful Meadow Maidens, once seen never forgotten

A pleasant surprise is to discover the photograph you will never forget....

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Please click here to enlarge the picture of a white mounted photograph. Please click here to enlarge the picture of a black mounted photograph.

Various Coloured Mounts

Printing across the mount of a photographPrinting-on-the-mount.jpg

Printed Mounts

Our pictures come in a variety of sizes and can be mounted as shown below.  

Printing on the mount

If you fancy something a little different we are using a brand new style where we extend the printing of the photograph onto the mount.  This is proving to be very popular amongst our customers. Below you will find samples of this.  Please click on the mount to enlarge and to see the full effect of printing on the mount.

Mounted Photographs

Canvas & Frames

Please let us know if you would like to see one of our photographs on canvas or framed by clicking on Contact Us and giving us details of the photograph and required size.  We will let you know the costs including postage.